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We simplify the purchase process:

We have a solution for every step your client takes

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When your client looks for an experience:

Marketing tools

  • We provide tools to communicate your proposals
  • Consumption behaviour analysis of your clients
  • Integration with Instagram, Facebook and Google campaigns
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When your customer makes the purchase:

Your own sales channel

  • Your brand is unique, like your ecommerce
  • Administrate bookings, products, prices and stock
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The day of the experience:

Management tools

  • Measure satisfaction and keep in touch with your clients
  • Generate diffusion by amplifying your content and your brand on social media

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Satisfied clients

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PRIPEI is perfect for:

We work with a great variety of industries





Consumo masivo

Massive consume



Actividades turísticas

Tourism activities

Generadores de experiencias

Experiences generators

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We empower businesses that create magical moments by generating a new sales and communication channel with their clients.
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